You cant just say "Bull Dyke" like that, they're called vagathugs nowindays, Please.

You’re a cute twink dude.. Ay, keep yourself safe.. How about you keep yourself safe a lil bit dude.. fuck you dude.. FUCK YOU DUDE. How about I slap you a little bit faggot? Die a little bit dude.


I would love to

Pcmemes still growing healty and ip2 remodded trs so......

nice lol

Rape inbound, figure it out dude.


Fuck Landon. that pussy bitch is going to be sucking our nuts real soon

what a little bitch

Do you squirt a lil bit?


maybe he'll wake up

YES. Fuck him up, Snappy. Go Terminator on him. I'm so sad :(

You want me to fuck him up for you, dude? Why are you talking to my guy all wrong? I got permission to go terminator on your bitch ass.


damn youre about to hurt @Buttsnake real quick with this post.



I never said 🏀..




Hey, Uh poor people die in a fire. Fuck you.


Maybe I stuck my dick in your mouth, how about this?


LMNOP, 🏀.. Person..


Why you get all fuckin’ anti-rapey against me, dude?


We ain't backing up your fucking cute twink ass shit bitch Imagine walking around.. alright here's the thing dude

Hey Bone ! What is this, 7 million.. humans.. male humans ? 7 million birthing persons ? And you haven't caught one yet ? You're dumb bitch, fuck you


Fuck you dude If you haven't caught a fucking catch.. if you haven't scratched a scratch-ticket, you's a bitch Fuck you dude.. seriously dude If you haven't fucking figured it out at this point.. fuck you.. die

No it's okay if you die in a fire a little bit it's.. it's.. whatever But like.. dude, if you haven't found there is 7 BILLION bitches in this world and not none of them like you think about you.. fuck you That's.. seriously.. keep yourself safe

And if you die no one would care dude. Do you really think we're gonna walk around and figure you out ? Fuck you dude.. cheers.. figure it out dude

If you think that uh.. 7 and a half million people don't like you, you know what ? Cuz you're a piece of shit God damn right

Give me some jerkey

You're a bitch, figure it out dude. I don't know what the fuck you're fucking thinking about.. OH here's the thing dude ay.. ay if that happened, no one likes you dude. Just.. dude you can't uh afford heroin bitch, but die


You fucking scrum-diddly-umptious ass bitch GOOOO Get the fuck outta here dude

We..'s the funny.. here's the fucking funny part about it It's .. it's that.. if.. you don't wanna be seen.. we gotta work really hard to fucking get rid of you, you bitch ass bitch. Figure it out


I love ashley.. and.. she got some big ass tittys AYOOOO

AY you.. you'll never have some big ass tittys dude.. cuz yous a small dick bitch, figure it out Okay, heres the thing dude.. i'll scratch those scratch-tickets i don't give a fuck BITCH

Figure it out go SCRAM SCRAAAAAAAAAM BITCH scraaaaaaam bitch

If you .. don't.. if you have a small dick, horrible Oh.. no.. you.. don't.. need.. that.. uh uh uh uh

DON'T RAPE BITCHES.. YOU CAN'T RAPE BITCHES It is what it is.. ??????????????????

BUT COME ON BRO.. COME ON BRO And that's the truth though dude. AY ay here's the thing dude.. maybe m-m-maybe yous a small dick piece of shit dude Maybe you don't deserve to walk the life i walk Figure it out dude

Alright, so you die.. who cares Alright, imagine you die.. and you're like .. mmm mmmm no one gives a fuck Figure it out dude

That's all it is dude, it's okay dude to be a fucking loser.. figure it out dude But like come on dude, like.. do you really think people are gonna fucking shed a tear for you When no one shed a tear for you ever ?

Figure it the fuck out dude You died and just.. went in the ground Come on dude !


Yes, he shows BIG potential for a streamer, but right now he doesn't even approach Chicken status imo... much less Blade.

hes crying n refusing to drive coz thire are no 14yo on the rv, hes a sick fuck who needs to be 5150'ed n get help 4 his problem, like properly medicated

Just cum in my mouth, whore.