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  • MrLee: No it's Croag
  • KYS: censored by cute twinks

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lol saved

this one is a keeper


@MrLee's Based Count has increased by 1. Their Based Count is now 5.

Pills: Christmas

The type of thing you'd see on a coaster. I love it. If this was a snack, I'd eat it immediately.

Ive done too much blackjack it wont let me gamble anymore @BlackBirdsWigWam what kinda shit is this, why am i cut off from gambling ive only had a few drinks? @Aevann fix this lmao

what happens when u try

too much spam but ill have only done it like 5 times lmao

does it work now

give me 10k pcm coins and ill find out for you


i need this on a mug, tshirt, sticker, magnet, car decal


Damn you're talented. You made that with photoshop alone?

Yeah did all of it in photoshop, I based it off one logo I found that I liked and altered it to become PCMemes.


Im all in!!! :link:

4 million gaming sites and ya made this place one -200 iq irl enthusiasts

lity cute twink