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shitposter9000 made over dozen negative posts about pcmemes and it didnt even got deleted or get him ban and you just posted clips with a small ip2 community watermark

I really don't understand how the mods running ip2 based on feelings rather than what the community wants and everyone knows you as the legendary ip2 clipper even that doesn't stop them from banning you or poodoo a new user who contributed heavily with clips and memes and they purged all his content from ip2 out of spite.

only thing what could safe ip2 is a new mod team with computerslime, you and poodoo if he would return again , because you guys proven that your rational and not agenda driven but rather community driven

bro someone needs to put the poodoo signal up

Computer was actually recommended as mod once but then had a argument with many of the mods so it was never brought up again

Damn that's some petty shit, that place is a lost cause.

Commie cute twinks can't handle competition.

Great way to kill the site faster. Emotional bastards.

LP2 🚂🚃🚃s fuckin SHOOK

I member IP3 too. Nevermind what is lost, enjoy what is found. Glad to have you here homie.

Thanks, glad to be here

those 🏀 mods don't deserve any content on their groyper site

hello it is me, logicaloperator

Facetious childish shit like this is why i left that cesspool.

they cant run off people fast enough just quit using the site and let it die u dumb ni.ggers