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All these fuckin' IP2 cute twink streamers.. Just think.. that just doing this, just doing that.. Just hittin' live. You just earn it? Die a lil bit dude.. Fuck you dude.. I got a badass jcup fuckin' squirtin' ass bitch that's waiting on me and I'm still here for you dude? The fuck you talking about dude? You think.. You think you can just hit live and you can get content and donations? Shit.. Bro, you know how many times I dun hit.. I dun hit fuckin' reminder BIPOC on my mofuckin' speaker, BIPOC? Person? Nothing is given dude.. Provide content, figure it out dude. It's Sickening.. Sickening.. Sickening.. I'm sick of these fuckin' pieces of shit, thinking that they can just go live and get some donations.. You ain't me nigga shit.. Shiiit. On the off-chance I get a 3.33.. I'm just spittin' facts here dude.. I got a beautiful bitch that wants to squirt all over the universe.. Across the universe and I still turn the speaker on dude.. I'm probably not getting a donation, I don't give a fuck dude.. I'll figure it out dude.. But like.. Public service announcements to all IP2 streamers dude.. Provide contont.. They will pay you thousands if you just give them some contont.. If you think you're just going to sit there be like, Wuhh.. Uhh.. Uhh.. Uhhhh.. r-slur hours.. No.. They have contont dude.. And that's big factual and actual, Big talk dude..

Dude.. Ok so many people just ask me about shit and I'm just like shut the fuck up dude.. Shut the fuck up dude.. Like seriously.. All the.. Ok.. Lets talk about the bottom of the rung streamers.. Die.. Seriously die a little bit..