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PCM Official Conspiracy Theory Thread.

Y'all gotta have some crazy localized or IP2 related theories. Ill go first with some low tier shit.

Carpathianflorist is actually Aevann and visa versa.

Red is also a secret Chinese agent.

Jump in the discussion.

No email address required.

Craziest theory of them all, Cornbot found a room full of mannequinns. Went to town. Seeing as how he lacks a penis, he scissored them hoes like no tomorrow.

Welcome back bruh

KvS HD uploads have been keeping me going.

Still waiting for the fucking lsd episode lol but same

Think I'm going to head down this nostalgic rabbit road for a lil bit. Been ages.

haven't thought about that show in ages lol

RIP :doomer:

Didn't even know he was dead till I saw the comments on that video rip indeed

I Believe There Are Several Secret Female Posters Here. They Wont Admit It Because They Know They Will Be Pressured Into Showing Butthole

Imagine being so afraid to show the chocolate starfish to the boys. Damn

To get a checkmark here you have to send a dick pic to the mods. Inspired by iceposeidon's CX network requirement in the old days.

Ill debunk this one right now, its feet pics but close enough.



I'm the only real person here. Blade_Bot has achieved AI singularity status and hijacked all your accounts.


Do not speak about m’lady Red like that

wumpscut is Roxy Nebula. GeezerPleazer unironically likes trannies. I'm secretly skinny, but I wear a fat suit on stream.

Roxy hates runescape and wump plays runescape, first debunked PCM theory ayoo


@Cornbot is actually Bjorn_the_coon & nothing you say can tear us apart.

Red has a penis.. and its not feminine

JimCrow is trolling us. Surely he will come back.. definitely

They always come back.


pcm conspiracy iceberg goes deep

for instance, the old disgruntled pcm posters are actively subverting our community in hopes that they will regain control of it after they tear it apart

a conspiracy requires two people, whom are they?

Blow your nose, little cute twink 🏀.