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they're fucking worley level retarded lmao

Still alive guys. I told K about this a couple of days ago. But it's gotten a tiny bit worse, so I may not be around from a few days to a week.

So I fell a little bit, and I landed on my nose. That's broken, plus now I have two black eyes. My right eye is almost closed so it's hard for me to read shit, so I wont be participating as much for about a week or until the other eye opens more. Oh and the way I fell, my upper lip is swollen, and the scrape makes it look like a Hitler mustache. That being said.

Because of straight principle. For years I have already given free time here with no compensation (which IDC about, I do it for the community). With that being the case I would never spend a penny on anything PCmemes related, being a mod for years is enough of a service for Pcmemes Same goes for the other mods. With the free time we use to mod this place there shouldn't be any other expectations

I will be at my country club playing golf, did I mention how much it costs per month? Not as much to feed my pet tiger, and fuel for my jet. But close.

see you soon.

Pride Month:marseysalutepride::lgbt:


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Could be diabetes medication related?

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