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Splash Mountain Gracebudd Butthole Pics (NSFW)
Still alive guys. I told K about this a couple of days ago. But it's gotten a tiny bit worse, so I may not be around from a few days to a week.

So I fell a little bit, and I landed on my nose. That's broken, plus now I have two black eyes. My right eye is almost closed so it's hard for me to read shit, so I wont be participating as much for about a week or until the other eye opens more. Oh and the way I fell, my upper lip is swollen, and the scrape makes it look like a Hitler mustache. That being said.

Because of straight principle. For years I have already given free time here with no compensation (which IDC about, I do it for the community). With that being the case I would never spend a penny on anything PCmemes related, being a mod for years is enough of a service for Pcmemes Same goes for the other mods. With the free time we use to mod this place there shouldn't be any other expectations

I will be at my country club playing golf, did I mention how much it costs per month? Not as much to feed my pet tiger, and fuel for my jet. But close.

see you soon.

Yes my RV is gone but notice how he tries to bait me to show my new vehicle and place so he can try and dox me. How about you go live and show your mansion? Starting to think he actually is Shooter McGavin (fat retard pedo who named himself after a fictional golfer).

This guy has barely been seen here since Becky dumped Blade.

All I'm doing is pointing this out

In the new PCM RV on the way to pick up Craigslist J Cupper
did i make someone squirt?
Blade's eyelids do look fucked

Could be diabetes medication related?

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vegan patriot's tweaking again
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How did this homeless loser gustavo afford a huge van?

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