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I'm gay af

Blackbird eating good

OGX having clearance sales

Blade didn't say BIPOC

Blade ends stream

OGX loses all respect for SlyKane

geezer breaks up with slykane

OGX hands his business card to SlyKane

I don't know the whole story but I'll try to summarize. Ice hosted a house party. New streamer that might be autistic Sampanaday was given the house address by some mod on Ice's team. Slykane greets the new streamer and coerces him into doing humiliating sexual shit because that's what Ice's degenerate brain dead audience is into now.

The next day Suspenders chat is talking about this nonstop so he gives his opinion that it was a fucked up thing to do, especially if he's mentally disabled. Ice goes into full blue hair mode and directs his minions to start attacking Suspender. Even IP2 is being used to attack Suspender. Granted Ice is supposedly under investigation for degeneracy in Thailand if you can believe his exaggerated run in with authorities.

Long story short Ice is still a narcissistic sociopath that can do no wrong and his team of lemmings eat it up. Attack the person calling you out not the Kick streamer idiot Slykane that put him at risk in his rental house.

Geezer freestyle performance

Rick Productions Has Been Banned!