Movie night suggestions.

After i compile some suggestions, ill make a poll

Bugs Thread

Comment here if shit's broken. If I don't see it for a day, pester Kippy about it so he can bitch to me. Link to this thread is in sidebar.

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and fuck BIPOCs too


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Whores dont get to just slut around here willy nilly. We have a foot tax. Pay up or die whore


Mania ending shortly

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Splash Mountain Gracebudd Butthole Pics (NSFW)



Show of hands, who would even use the streamer stock market.

Listen i know this place is dead, i dont care. I enjoy adding new shit if the people currently here would use it. Those who are left, take the vote. I've basically compiled what i think we need for it in theory, a lot of which some of you gave ideas for, all i need to do is run it by @Magnus and maybe make some tweaks and toss it back at everyone.

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